Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We are family!!!!

You got it...I love my family!!!

We may not be much, we may not have much, but in the end, my family means so much to me! I am very proud of every person in it, but today's focus will be our one living grandmother, and our siblings.

I am so proud of each of them!

First is Na-Na. She is my maternal grandmother.
She is Lois Irene. She was married to Phil (Paw-Paw Peewinkle!), and had three daughters, Helen Elizabeth (mom a.k.a Beth), Phyllis (P.J.), and Dehava (DeeDee).

Paw-Paw and both of these Aunts are with Jesus now. So, Na-Na has not had it easy. But, she is still Na-Na, she still works, and she still loves!

I have so many memories with her, and she is a hoot!
And I love her very much!

And Derrick is pretty fond of her too!!!

Next, I have two wonderful siblings, a brother, Rodney , and a sister, Rhonda . And even though are ages are spaced out (Rod's 13 years older than me, and Rhonda is 8 years older than me) we are all still really close, and I would do anything in the world for either of them!

This is Rodney's family. His wife is Richie and his son is Anthony. Anthony just turned one in October, my how time flies. It has been so great to watch his little family fall into place, and I love them all 3!

My sister is married to Steve, and she has a daughter named Felicity (pictured below). Steve has two children, daughter, Katelyn and son, Cameron, and they have become a wonderful family. Katelyn lives out of state, so I don't see her much, but Felicity and Cameron are around a good bit, and I for sure love them all!!!

Then Derrick has one sister, Gina. Gina is married to Joe. She has a daughter Jessica who is married to Adam. And Gina has two sons, Dakota and Caleb. They too have become family to me, and seeing them usually means vacation for us! We usually go to their house, or we meet in TN with Derrick's parents, but occasionally they do come here. Gina and Derrick are also spaced out in age (6 years), but we are really close.
This goes to show that age has nothing to do with it!!! I am actually closer with Jessica (we are two years apart) and she is a remarkable young lady!
Either way, I love them all!

I didn't get too emotional, that would take 100 posts! But I do love my FAMILY!!!

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