Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love lighthouses!

My whole "rooster" kitchen used to be my whole "lighthouse" kitchen! I love lighthouses. Something about the hope that they bring, and after I actually went to a real one, and went to the top of it, I was awestruck. It seems corny, but too me it was a very spiritual moment to think of Jesus as my lighthouse, my hope.
I sold some of my lighthouse stuff at a sista yard sale last year, but that doesn't mean I still didn't want the stuff, I just had no where to put it. I took all the rest of the lighthouse stuff from the kitchen, and put a few things in the living room, and the rest in our master bathroom (which already has the beach theme that D had throughout the whole house when we got how it's changed!)! But I do still love all of my stuff. Way too much to put pictures of all of it on here, so here are just a few so you get the idea!!!

This is a suncatcher/windchime
These are on our bathroom countertop

This is St. Augustine, FL...that's the real deal!


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