Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation Part 4: Museum and Zoo...mostly in pictures!

I am trying my best to keep you interested in our trip...we had such a great time and did so much!!! I have 500 pictures from my camera, plus more on my phone, so it's hard for me to narrow down....I just wish ya'll all coulda been there!!!

Anyway, here are the highlights from the Creative Discovery Museum(Noah wants to go back there....this was his favorite part of Chattanooga!) and the Chattanooga Zoo.

Next up....the Chattanooga Ducks and Chattanooga ChooChoo!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation, Part 3: Aquarium

As much as I want to, I will not bore you with 1,000 picture of fish in tanks, I will not. It was a tough one, but I just chose a few of our favorites. If you are ever in Chattanooga, do not miss the Tennessee Aquarium. We had a blast! Especially Noah! There are two buildings, the River Journey, and the Ocean Journey. We enjoyed both.

Nicholas, thrilled to be here!
Heebie Jeebies!
He thought this was really cool.

Proof that I was on the trip!

See my 2 penguins?!?

Looking at real penguins!

Then we saw this at the IMAX. Highly recommend it. Noah's (and Nicholas's!) first 3D movie!

Then we had to break for lunch!

And even strolled down to the Moon Pie General Store!
Stay tuned for more!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation, Part 2: It's Chattanooga Baby!!!

So, after a fun filled weekend at  MeMe and Poppy's, and after much thought and advice, we loaded up the truck, and headed east! I was so excited about going somewhere different, just the 4 of us!

Chattanooga was amazing!!!

We got there around 6pm or so, and checked into the hotel, and then hit the town!

First, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Krystal's on Lee Highway, which was by our hotel, then we asked them some downtown info. They told us a way helpful shortcut for going downtown without hitting the interstates! Speaking my language for sure!

We checked out our destination locations, so we'd know what was what for the rest of the week, and while doing so, found this pedestrian bridge. It goes from Downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore Part of Chattanooga! It used to be a regular bridge then, (insert story here that I forgot) , and voila, it became a pedestrian bridge!!!
Everything was so pretty!
Getting ready for the big walk!
Love Noah in this one!
It's better in person! I was in awe really!
One of the driving bridges.

Thanks for standing by while I bored you to death with bridge pictures. I have more, but maybe later. Oh yes, and the picture behind the "All Things New" title is from here also. I absolutely loved that. I told D I would love to live at North Shore (the other side of the bridge which starts downtown) and walk downtown everyday! He was like, "whatever!" hahahaha.

I was also happy that the girl from Krystal's told us about this.

It's a set of steps, with water coming down it, and it represents the Trail of Tears (before the pale face came and stole the land from our people, and all that jazz), so that was cool.
Ross Landing written in Native American (can't remember which dialect, Cherokee maybe?)

After our splash party, (keep in mind it was almost 9 pm by now, and still daylight!) we were leaving and this percussionist caught Noah's attention. He sang a lovely rendition of Sweet Home Alabama, complete with me yelling Roll Tide Roll at all the appropriate times while everyone stared at us! I only felt bad that the only cash on us was $1. I really am much more of a supporter of the fine arts!
He's originally from South America.

Then it was regroup, rest, and relax time. Right here.

Keep watching for Part 3!

Friday, June 8, 2012

MaMa Mia Pizzeria!!!

Noah's favorite food of all time happens to be Pizza! None compares!

Well, I have been telling him forever that we could make our own, rather than eating those store bought ones, which are probably not the best things anyway!

So, I finally remembered to get the dough and sauce, cheese and pepperoni, and here we go!

Dough was in the oven, bell pepper came fresh from the garden!
 Noah said, "Mom, you can take pictures of me, and put it on the computer for everyone to see!"

I do apologize for the quality of pictures, I used my cell phone.....I wasn't planning on taking pictures!
Spreading the sauce!

Adding the cheese!

A few pepperonis!
 We were making a half and half pizza, because I wanted onions and peppers, and Noah didn't....so he said, "Mom, you better do your half....now where's your camera?!?" Luckily, he just got my hands!!!
Onions and Peppers!

He said he only wanted 3 pepperonis on his side!!! Ready for the oven!

Noah's pizza!

My pizza!
It's a winner!!!

I'm sure we'll be experimenting lots with this sort of thing this summer.....we had the best time, it didn't cost much, and Noah loved it!

Oh, and if you are observant enough to see that Noah didn't have his glasses on, his glasses broke, and they tried to fix them, but they are so tight now, and cannot be adjusted, so he was taking a break! His new ones will be here next week.

Where was Nicholas? In his high chair, eating left over green beans and watching us! I wish I would've snapped his picture...he was patient!

Anyway, Here's to more summer cooking projects!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Summer : Vacation, Part 1!

Happy Summer!

Our summer began on Noah's last day of school, May 25th!

All A-Honor Roll, All Year Long!
See my 2nd grader?!?!?
 After Noah's award ceremony, we left out for Tennessee. First stop, Waverly!

We wanted to spend the weekend with D's folks, and May 25th happens to be their wedding anniversary! What a romantic way to spend 49 years together....waiting for your kids and grand kids!!!

We arrived late on Friday night, but first thing Saturday, Noah had one thing on his mind!
They had just had the hay cut and baled.....I love when it's freshly mowed!
This is what he had on his mind! This is what's behind the trees in the above picture! The creek! Nicholas and I opted to sit on the shore this year.....that water is cold!

And we had our chicken grilled!

 Derrick's sister had on old basket ball goal, without a pole, that she had sent to Waverly with D's parents. Derrick talked a neighbor down the road into giving us this pole. In return, D had to help him load and unload some heavy things around the house! I love the simplicity of trading with neighbors!
Noah was in heaven!

Can you see where Poppy was! He did help a little, before sitting in the shade! Noah made that basket!
 This next picture marks a tradition Noah is almost too big for!
He's done this for 5 years now!!!
 And where was Nicholas all this time?......

Eating grits.....when Putt Putt the Puppy wasn't trying to still them!

I love that smile!
And the many faces he makes!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Vacation Ramblings!