Sunday, November 29, 2009

It finally happened!

Fish River Trees!!!!
After lots of careful consideration and looking,
and after riding the train, and seeing Santa and two of his reindeer,
we finally found "the one!"
A 7 ft. tall beauty!
And Daddy and Noah sure did saw hard on it!

Finally they got her down!

And dragged her out!

And this is our finished product!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Ruby Anderson
Oct. 1, 1953-Aug. 29, 2009
And only one picture without makeup----haha.
Not the best pictures, but
this is it.
Thanksgiving 2007 at the Reeds.
Aunt Ruby,
I am very thankful I had you!
Love, T.

In loving memory

Rocky Givens
Passed away at his home
Now he is Aunt Ruby's pet!!!
And I'm sure she's let him go free!
No more cages, Rocky, no more cages!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bible College

I am officially finished with another semester of Bible College!!!
Next semester begins in January, so
I'm excited for a little break around the holidays!
But, I will miss my weekly visiting with my
"classmates" and teacher.
And I will really miss digging into the Word more,
and learning more and more about what this
is about.
Not religion, that's for sure!
The course I took this semester was
"Strategies of Spiritual Warfare,Part 1"
Next semester I'll take Part 2,
and I am very excited to learn more!
I am absolutely thankful for the opportunity to go
to the college, and for the knowledge I receive.
Super thankful.
I truly have so much to thank Him for!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I was just reading the blog of a friend of mine, and she posted a small list of memories that come with the fall season from her childhood that were very meaningful to her.

Her blog, along with the fact that
on November 3rd, my house was already half-way
decorated for Christmas,
has prompted me to make a small list of things
that I remember from my "early childhood"
as well as what I would love to create for Noah's
"early childhood," but the Christmas-time memories!

My childhood:
1. Mom (after working a million hours a week) making candies
and cookies just to put on platters and give away!
2. Watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

3. Decorating the garland and ornaments and stockings
on the fireplace mantel.

4. Putting up our "huge, massive" Christmas tree. (To me it was!)

5. Wrapping presents, and writing the nametags myself!
6. Mom playing Christmas music on the organ.
7. Listening to Christmas music in the car.

8. Remembering that Mom never fussed at me to "be careful"
or "sit down" or "your too little to help" or "please leave me alone."

Noah's childhood:

1. Please see the above list!

Thanks to both of my parents, but in particularly,
my momma, for some of the best Christmas memories ever,
and my whole life is full of wonderful memories like these.

I remember it all.

But, at this time of the year,
I chose to share the Christmas favorite!

Thanks mom.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas comes earlier every year!

So, Wednesday November 3, 2009, The Derrick Givens Family officially began decorating the house for Christmas! Wow!
Noah was so excited when I opened "the closet"
in our spare bedroom...
which is the Alabama room.....
and "the closet" is where most of our Christmas stuff hangs out!
Anyway, Noah was very excited as we set up one of our Nativity Scenes,
our Fire Department Display,
always change all of the knick knacks
and pictures in my living room
to Christmas decorations.
Noah got so caught up in all of the "festivities"
that he blurted out,
"Oh boy Mom, It's Christmas Eve!"
Aye aye aye.
Why did I decide to do this so early again?!?!?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Still Here!!!

Mr. Noah turned 5!!!
And Mr. Anthony is now 1!!!

Hello Blog. I am still here!!! Barely! Between having the in-laws here for a month....which was really wonderful, I'm just worn out now....and having Derrick's Birthday and Noah's Birthday and Anthony's Birthday, and then I got sick for a week, I have been busy. I almost forgot what my house looked like until I got sick, then I stayed in bed for 5 days, and that helped me remember what the place looked like. I am very excited about the upcoming holidays. I asked D if I could go ahead and decorate for Christmas. When I was a little girl, we used to ride around and point and laugh at people who had decorations up early.....not any more! I am now wanting to put decorations up after Halloween rather than waiting until after Thanksgiving!!!
We'll see what happens.
I should be back to regular blogging now though!!!