Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's hear it for the Raptors!!!

"And for the Raptors, we have #5 Noah Givens!"

"Get ready, here I come!"

"I'll take that ball!"

"And I'll take that!"

"And I'll move down the court like that!"

"I'll shoot the ball like this while my mom looks like that!"

"That was pretty good team work!"

"Oh yeah, WE ARE GOOD!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's and 2-15

Hopefully you had a very good Valentine's Day! We typically don't make as big of deal out of Valentine's Day around our house, we just try to love each other daily instead, but, of course, who doesn't love getting a small gift or trinket?!?!
Mr. Noah with his goodies!

Mr. Nicholas with his goodies!

Mr. Derrick with his goody!!!
That shirt (a size smaller than usual!) is part of Mrs. Tiffany's goodies!!! The rest are IOU's for a clothes shopping trip!!!
 We gave our gifts Wednesday night, because I had school Thursday night, but Thursday morning, the festivities continued....
Noah prepared to see his Valentine...

"Maddie, will you be my Valentine?!?"---Noah
"Yes, Noah, of course I will"----Maddie

 Maddie had goodies for us too!
For Nicholas

For Noah
 And, I was also thankful to be able to go to Noah's classroom for their party!
Mr. Personality and some of his buddies!

Homemade Valentine Mailbox

Nicholas in the teacher's spot....I am sure the teacher looks like that sometimes too!!!

Quite the mail carrier!
 The 2nd grade had also been doing a unit on polar bears......they even have masks to prove it!
The Bear Cave complete with the teacher bear!
Also, today, 2-15, would have been a very special lady's 89th birthday! My dear Nana Flo would have celebrated today with cake, ice cream, family and friends. She has been absent from the body and present with the Lord for over 10 years now, and I am sure she has better things on her mind today!!!
Happy Birthday Nana Flo! Love, Your Peaches!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My baby boy is now officially 18 months old today!!! Where has the time gone?!?! I cannot believe that in 6 short months, I will have a 2 year old!!! Yikes!!!

It seems like just yesterday when I was carrying sweet Nicholas.
July 23, 2011!
I'll never forget this moment......
....or this one!
 And yet today, as I tried to get one good snapshot of this precious 18 month old, those sweet little times seem so far away!!!

Most of the pictures look like these:

I have several that look like this!
I did somehow manage to get a few of his face! He may not be looking at the camera in any of them, but hey, it's his face anyway!

That shirt says it all!!!
He touched the leaves....
....then had to sit to brush his hands off!!!
Not sure how I managed to get this one!!!!
A car was coming on a nearby street.....
...then the car was going on the nearby street!
18 months and counting!!! 

I am so thankful that God chose me to be this little one's mother, and Noah's too, and I am thankful also that my days are filled with his laughter, tears, gibberish, yelling, brown eyes, tantrums, smiles, and naps!!! I have so much to thank Him for.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Scale back and So Many Pictures!

As delicious as this looks....
....I do not need the weight loss police coming after me.....
...So I will settle for this.....
.....And try to do more of this.....
.....So I don't look like this!!!
 Yes, you read that right!!! I am participating in a program called Scale Back Alabama! Noah's school sent home information about it, and the letter indicated that several of the teachers and staff members would be participating, and that parents and grandparents were invited to join in on the fun! The night before the deadline for registration, a friend called me and asked me did I want to be on a team with her, and after dragging my feet, I agreed! I called two of my other friends, and tada.......we are team "Wii Not Fit!" We are also the only team of parents to join!!!! Woo hoo for the Hot Mamas! The goal is to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks to be the perfect 10! So far, our team, lead by their captain Tiffany (how was I nominated again?!?!) has been doing great.....but boy is it work! Just making healthier choices and adding a few exercises is a chore, but it's been fun having our team together for this journey! I didn't take a before picture.....but I definitely will take an after picture! 

Also, we had a busy busy weekend, and here is the re-cap:

We're very proud of these basketball playing cousins!!!

We also took a trip north of the interstate to visit some of hubby's lifetime family friends, and boy was I surprised at this back yard!!! I would never ever go inside if this was my back yard! Derrick and his family lived about a mile from here for most of Derrick's life, and the folks who live here are simply the sweetest! Their stories and roots go way back, and I am looking forward to more Saturdays at their house!

Also, I was even more surprised by the shark sized catfish in this beautiful back yard!
We also celebrated Poppy's 71st birthday!
Yes, the cake reads, "Pink Panty," and the party was decorated with pink, purple, and butterflies! Noah has a longstanding joke with his grandfather, "Poppy wears Pink Panties!" So Noah insisted that Poppy have a Pink Panty cake!

We took a  trip to the library, and against my best wishes, Nicholas Brees had to have a Barney movie!!! But big brother Noah stuck to reading!
For months, I have been trying to find something Nicholas was sit still and watch, or sit still and do, so that I could do some of my school work, and up until about 2 weeks ago, I had no such luck! Alas, Barney has made his way into our house....which I am coming to terms with.....and hopefully I will not regret it!!!
And for our latest school project, we had to make two users for our computers, and create user names. The only two things that came to my mind, of course, were Rammer Jammer and Yellow Hammer!!!! Thank God Derrick helped me name our children!!! haha!

So, I will be singing Sally the Camel, and creating web pages, while doing Zumba, eating fruit, cheering on ball players,  and getting my cane pole ready!!! RTR!