Wednesday, August 27, 2014


One recurring action from our Tampa vacation was the big brother had an extra shadow in the form of a little brother. No matter what Noah was doing, Nicholas had to be doing it too! Noah was sometimes annoyed by this, but for the most part, I think Noah was flattered that his brother looks up to him, and wants to be just like him. Noah could be doing something right or wrong, it doesn't matter, Nicholas wants to copy the act. Nicholas wants to repeat the phrase. Nicholas wants to be like Noah. This gave me 2 different thoughts. 

1. How much more should we want to be like Jesus? 
2. How many people are watching us (as Christians) to see if we are being like Jesus?

I know that I am totally smitten by my Father, and that Jesus won my heart a long time ago. His promises are yes and amen, and He has never left me, nor forsaken me. I have not ever felt like God just didn't love me. I also know that He expects us to be an example for others to follow. That we are called to be salt and light in the earth. That we are to demonstrate what it is to have the fruit of the Spirit operating in our lives. To be like Him so that others will know. They will know we are Christians by our love. That's it. Love Him and love others. Follow Him like a shadow. Learn from the Word (The Word was God-John 1:1). 

As I watch my firstborn be a natural leader, I am amazed daily at the things I observe. He is not perfect. He messes up. But, I notice him always finding those who don't have a friend and he friends them. He loves the friendless. He loves those who need to be loved. He makes friends wherever he goes. Sometimes I help out in Children's Church, and I've watched as Noah helps the smaller children find their Bible verse. I've watched him at the football field before practice, and he includes everyone, even siblings of friends. At school for the past 4 years, he has served on a committee who welcomes new students. If their is a new boy who moves to our school and is in Noah's class, Noah was committed to stay with that child for one week, showing him around the school, sitting with him at lunch and snack, and playing with him at free play. Everyone feels welcomed. I know that this makes Jesus happy. It has to. Jesus was always after the misfits as well...look at how He loves me!!! 

Not only is Nicholas a shadow to Noah, but Noah strives to be a shadow to Jesus. This has stirred within me a renewed goal to try my hardest to be more like Him. I want to shadow the Almighty. 
Noah teaching Nicholas about the animals at the Tampa Zoo.

Monkeys observing monkeys. Noah sat there, Nicholas plopped in right beside.

At the Florida Aquarium, I said, "Noah look here for a picture!" Nicholas responded, "Wait for me!"

Noah watching the sharks, Nicholas knee up behind him, doing the exact pose. This was not scripted. Nicholas did these things on his own.

The Glazer Children's Museum.

Busch Gardens

MOSI news center.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nicholas Brees is now 3!!!

August 6, 2011

Noah meeting Nicholas for the first time

Our family of 4, August 2011
August 2012

August 2013

August 2014
Happy 3rd Birthday to my Baby Boy!!! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Consuming Fire

So, let's state the obvious....I haven't posted all summer!!!! That's not to say that we haven't been busy, it just simply means I haven't posted about it. We've traveled out of state (I've been to 3 states this summer, other than the one I live in!), we've seen family, we've seen attractions, and we've done day to day life. Somewhere in all of that action, I was known to pause and say, "This would make a great blog post!" And then, something different would happen, the Lord would show me something from Him as well. My goal is to at least once a week (hehehe) post about our different summer happenings, and with it, applicable life lessons that the Lord has shared with me. 

First up...."For our God is a consuming fire." ---Hebrews 12:29

 This past year, the Navy purchased land that is down the road from where I live, and all of the homeowners were asked to sell and relocate to accommodate a new airport facility of some sort. Our local fire department was allowed to use some of the structures for training purposes. The boys and I accompanied Derrick one of these training days. When we got there, we saw the firefighters preparing the ground around the structure. Making sure the structure was clear of people or anything else of value. The windows had been boarded up and the tin removed from the roof. Other departments came for training as well. It was a big day. The firemen had several steps to take, leading up to the lighting of the structure. This house was really nice, and holds lots of memories for a family I know.
The house before training. 

Finally, after about two hours of preparation and training, and lots of smoke, we begin to see the first flames.

First Flames
Then suddenly, after those first few flames started to show, the whole roof erupted!!!

 Then, a few minutes later, (and after we took selfies and made pictures of firefighters on the porch!!!) the whole roof collapsed. 
The roof. 
 We sat back and watched the house continue to burn. I took 100 pictures. It was amazing. It was ironic watching those firefighters watch a structure burn!!! But then, just like that, it was over. 
The remains.

Now, I shared all of this to say first of all, to understand the context of the verse, read Hebrews 12. But the Holy Spirit showed me the 29th verse alone: "For our God is a consuming fire." Consume means "completely filling one's mind and attention; absorbing."It is my desire to have God consume me with His fire, like the picture where the roof is collapsed, until He has me the way He wants me to be. To burn up the unholy flesh of mine, and cleanse me to be the light and example of Jesus that He desires to see. God is only good. He wants us to trust Him fully and give Him full control, but at the same time, He wants us to make the decisions ourselves on how to live. Well, in Him I live, in Him I move, in Christ, I have my very being. It's more than motions, it's more than church. He is a consuming fire, consuming all of my thoughts, hopes, and emotions. Consuming my soul. Consuming me. It's a process. I know this. The ground had to be prepared. The house had to be prepared. We should be prepared as well. Then suddenly, give our lives totally to Him, and see who He really is!!! 

It's simple really, but this is what I felt lead to share. Let Him consume you. Wholly. Truly. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A month or two or three

Easter 2014 (look at Nicholas's hand)

Easter 2014 (look at Nicholas's hand)

Class of 2014

Dr. Branch giving me a "Roll Tide" right after I gave the whole crowd a "Rammer Jammer!" 

Yes...I did it!!! 
Noah's main concern of the ceremony was Miss Faulkner herself!

The family had me an awesome celebration!

Our church honored the graduates as well, here's Pastor praying blessings over us

This little guy is growing like a weed also.....he's has some of his own accomplishments!

This is the most recent accomplishment....or project should I say!

Mom won free tickets to watch those BayBears play!

The boys and the bears!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wrapping up Spring Break

Our final days of Spring Break found us all around. We went Wednesday to Nana's for the day, and we had a blast! We went to the boys to a park where I used to play as a little girl. 
Monkeying around

Swinging away

Like a pro

Sliding down

The boys and Nana

Me and Nana


They do everything together!
 Then we went for lunch, ice cream, and our usual ride around Fairhope, seeing where all of the family used to live and what they used to own. Wednesday night, Noah got to attend a Pensacola Blue Wahoos baseball game with a friend from school. He had a good time, and Papa John (the Papa John from Papa John's Pizza) threw out one of the first pitches. That really caught Noah's attention. Thursday was a big day for me....I got my hair did!!! 
Back of my permed head!!! 

Something new
 Friday was sort of rainy, so we mainly hung around the house, did a little grocery shopping, and had a friend stay the night with Noah to attend our Church Easter Party on Saturday. 
Our Pastor blessing the food, with the children and the workers gathered around

Nicholas finding eggs

Noah finding eggs

Oh yeah, my brother, his wife, and broken armed Anthony even came out to celebrate with us! 

Here's Noah with his overnight guest!!! 

Coming up next, Easter Day!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Noah is on Spring Break this week, and we have a busy week planned!!! 
Here's what's happened so far:
Noah won first place in a race at his school out of all of 3rd-5th grade.
He ran his mile in 6:33. 

Here he was after crossing the finish line....and almost foaming at the mouth! Hah! 

They had face painting....he loved the shark look.

Saturday we headed down to the beach for a couple of hours. Nicholas was excited about the sand box and Noah loved the waves!!! 

Someone asked where we were visiting from, and we said Summerdale. And we laughed and laughed and laughed! Our photographer here was all the way from Orange Beach! 
Then Noah was invited by a childhood friend of mine, who's children are childhood friends of Noah, to go to see God's Not Dead (which I've already seen and boy is it awesome!) and to stay the night. I thought it was just yesterday that she and I were having sleepovers!!! 
Noah's right in the middle of two of his besties.

Headed down to the beach with his buddies! Ashleigh braved it out alone...and they all came back unharmed! 

Stay tuned for another post with the rest of the week's activities!