Sunday, December 27, 2009


I do have my very own family,they are a nice and loving family,
and nothing comes between us.
A lot of my family is in Heaven though, and with that said,
I want to brag a little on part of my husband's family.
They are the family on his mom's side.
Well, this really isn't bragging, I am going somewhere with it,
but so far my sermons are longwinded,
and takes a while to get there.

Let's start with this.
In the order they appear:
Uncle Ken, Mom-n-law Betty, Aunt Milly,
Uncle Frank, and Uncle Joe
The Krobs.
These 5 siblings are all so very different, chose different paths, and have different families.
But they are also very similar, they all know the meaning of family.
They all know that it is great to get together and spend time with one another.
Now that Grandma (who I very unfortunately never got to meet)
is with Jesus, Aunt Milly is the boss of the other 4.
She has been a very good friend to me.
I do admire all of these siblings though, each for their own reasons,
which, I will not go in to at this time!

Below here is a very small part of the next generation:
Cousin Tyler, Hubby Derrick, Cousin Jenny,
Cousin Frankie, and Cousin Joey.

Tyler is 1 of Uncle Ken's 3 children.
Derrick is one of Betty's 2.
Jenny is one of Uncle Joe's 3.
Frankie is one of Uncle Frank's 3.
And Joey is another one of Uncle Joe's 3.
None of Aunt Milly's 3 were present for the picture.
Now let me say this,I have 3 first cousins that I know, one first cousin, who I think will one day be around, but for now it has been a long long time since she has been seen, and another first cousin who passed away before my time. In the order they were mentioned they are: Jeannie, Denny, Danny, Jennifer, and baby Shana.

I have one brother and one sister., Rodney and Rhonda.

That's all folks!

And that's both sides of my family, and only one side of Derrick's even bigger family.

Now, moving right along.....

The Krobs very much will make you feel at home. Sometimes, and this is for real, I forget that I am married into this family.They all treat me just as though I have been here with them since the beginning. I did go to C.C.D. class with Tyler, one of the cousins pictured above, and we did go to middle school together, but I wasn't close to him, and I had never met the rest of his folks. As a matter of fact....I thought Tyler was a pretty big goofball...but he has been to war twice, and has my never-ending respect and appreciation.

So, they make me feel at home. They all honestly do. They all let me in on their stories and jokes, and share family memories with me. They are of Czech origin, and so far, any time I have wanted to know anything about that, they more than willingly share their culture and family heritage with me.

Which, by the way, if you know any of the older generations of my family, it's Indian....I promise! *Wink*

Anyway, almost shouting time of the sermon.

So, all of Derrick's aunts and uncles, and cousins, as well as his parents and sister all make me feel welcome. My family welcomes him too, but his family is so much bigger, therefore have more room for diversity.

Now, I belong to another family. A bigger family. The family of God.

Don't you think that Jesus wants us to love, include, and make welcome any and all of His family?!?!?

Yeah, I really think God used December 25, 2009 to show me that there really is a bigger picture.

It's not just about loving those people related to us by blood, it's about the people related to us by His blood.

Now that was good.

Go, ahead, shout on that one.

I said, it's those related to us by His blood.

That doesn't mean forget the others, I am just saying, there is more to it than blood relatives. In our family, no matter how or who they may be, blood is thicker than water. I could call any of them at any time and get anything I need. That's how they are. That's how I am. I can say whatever I want about them, but you better not!!!

But, Jesus loves all of His children equally, and He wants us to do the same.

So what they don't believe like you do,or dress like you do, or act like you do, or have the brains like you do, or lack there-of...hehe, or have the money you do....Jesus loves everyone. And the only difference between them and me is summed up in one word:


That sure was a long story just for that one point. And it may mean nothing to anyone reading this, but it was a true, divine, revelation to me.

They will know we are Christians by our love.I want to make sure that I always remember to include everyone...Whatever you do to the least of these, my people, that you do to Me...and to always remember that I am no better than anyone else.

I am so glad that God showed me this.

I do have so much to thank Him for.

First things first...

In memory of Ruby D. Anderson
I still miss you her much.
I know Noah does too.
He does still ask about "my Ruby."
But I know that I know that I miss her.
I try to be strong for everyone else,
just like she would've done,
but it's hard when I am grieving myself still.
Aunt Ruby was so good to us.
Christmas time always makes me think, about a lot.
There are a lot of people that I miss,
and a lot of people who are still here that I am so thankful for.
I bet Christmas is great in Heaven for sure.
Jesus is so real, and I am so glad for that.
I love Him, and I am just so glad my Redeemer loved me first!
My Savior, my King, and my Friend!
I am so glad that the promises of God are "Yes!" and "Amen!"
And one of those promises is that we all have the opportunity to be in Heaven.
And I know it is too late on Earth,
and I know she cannot see or hear this...
there are no tears in Heaven, and this would for sure
make her cry...
but I do miss Aunt Ruby, and
I want us to be together in Heaven!
That's Aunt Ruby playing with Noah through the window of her house exactly one week before she went to be with Jesus.
That's the one I miss and love so much!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mission complete!

Today was the day we finally painted Buddy Boy's house!
Of course, I wanted purple polka dots and stripes,
but we (me being outnumbered by boys!)
decided on Camo!!!
This way, it can be a cool fort for Noah.
Luckily for us, Ace Hardware sells a
"Camo collection" of paint, made by BLP.

So, Derrick rolled the whole thing with brown,
while I did the trim,
and Noah was the job foreman!

Then I added the finishing touches of olive green and black.
Oh yeah, that's right, big bad me!!!

And, ta dah!
Buddy Boy's House!

Home Sweet Home!

I still have to get his name put on there,we are not sure yet how we want to do this. I may paint it, or order a nameplate thing. We'll see.

And we may actually get the roof shingled too.

But for now, quite liveable.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An educated observation

Every other Thursday is payday!!!
Noah and I usually go up to the office to get Derrick's
paycheck, because he usually works too late
to get it himself.
So, I tell Noah we must go to "Daddy's Work" to get
"Daddy's Money!"
And we all know Daddy rarely sees this
"money" that I speak of.
Either way, this is our little ritual.
Today was different however.
Noah, being the educated little fellow that he is,
asked why don't we go get "Mommy's Money."
I tell him that Mommy doesn't really have
any money, that's why we go get Daddy's.
Noah said,
"If you go to work, Mom, then you can have money too...Good Grief!"
Well, well, well.
I guess I owe Daddy a great big thank you
for going to work,
and making that money!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ho hum

Sorry blog! It's not that "things" haven't happened to blog about, I have just been too tired! After a bout with the flu, I am still not back to feeling like writing anything. Maybe later!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's a story about....

A boy...

...and his dog...

...and the dog's almost finished house!