Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mission complete!

Today was the day we finally painted Buddy Boy's house!
Of course, I wanted purple polka dots and stripes,
but we (me being outnumbered by boys!)
decided on Camo!!!
This way, it can be a cool fort for Noah.
Luckily for us, Ace Hardware sells a
"Camo collection" of paint, made by BLP.

So, Derrick rolled the whole thing with brown,
while I did the trim,
and Noah was the job foreman!

Then I added the finishing touches of olive green and black.
Oh yeah, that's right, big bad me!!!

And, ta dah!
Buddy Boy's House!

Home Sweet Home!

I still have to get his name put on there,we are not sure yet how we want to do this. I may paint it, or order a nameplate thing. We'll see.

And we may actually get the roof shingled too.

But for now, quite liveable.

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