Monday, July 29, 2013

Goodbye Curls!

Well, for quite a while, we never thought our baby boy would have any hair....quite like his Mom didn't until she was five! But, indeed, over his almost 2 years of life, the hair came in, and in curls! We'd been debating on whether or not to cut it. As you see in the next two pictures, it was a little shabby, and his Daddy was certain it looked a little on the "girly" side!
Not a good picture, but you see the hair on the back!

And the curl behind his ear!!!
And not helping my case any, Noah came in to the living room the other evening where D and I were talking and said, "I don't know how, but somehow my gum came out of my mouth and went right into Nicholas's hair." By the way, it was Bubblicious.
Nicholas kept saying, " hair!!"
This left us no other choice but to call Mrs. Lori in! She's my neighbor (and friend!) and she's my personal home hairstylist!!! Actually, her shop is in Gulf Shores, so she just saves me the gas and comes next door!!!
He loved the cape, and actually sat pretty still!!!
Goodbye curls!!! Goodbye!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sweet Summer

Once again, we've had a full swing summer!!! We have had such a blast making memories! Here are a few---
Someone will be 2 in less than a month, and boy is he grown-y!

Eating a popsicle in his lawn chair on a hot day!
After all the activities of the day, a good bath with a Mohawk hairdo was necessary!
 My uncle breeds and sells Chow puppies, some of them all over the country. Recently, he sold one to a lady in California, and one to a lady in Boston. Those two puppies had to fly, and the closest airport to us that ships puppies (climate controlled cargo plane) is New Orleans!!! My uncle couldn't get off work to take them to the airport, so me, the boys, and my niece made a day road trip out of it!
First stop

And then

We finally made it to the airport!

After 7 hours of driving, going to the airport, eating, and more driving, this was a welcomed site!

One of the sweet puppies after she arrived to California!

I love it!
 Also, we've been busy this summer with Vacation Bible Schools. Yes, that was plural. Noah has been to 3 Vacation Bible Schools this summer, and our church had a Kids Extravaganza, which was a fun day, ending with a Salvation message. One of the VBS's he went to was at a local church that lots of my family goes to. I went every year as a child to this VBS, and I love that Noah gets to go now. This year, I was asked to help teach the preschoolers at the Sonwest Roundup, and what an honor! Also, every year at this Church's VBS, the children do a penny march offering, where they bring in as many pennies as they can, and the money goes toward the missions. And, as the tradition goes, it's always a fun contest between the boys and girls. Several years ago, you may remember I was cheering for the boys, and we lost, so I got a pie in my face. Guess what happened this year?!?! The BOYS won!!! And, I got to pie the girls' coach in the face!!!

I totally enjoyed it too!
Such a good sport!

And now I'm off to make more memories!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

50 Years

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Givens were joined in Holy Matrimony on May 25, 1963. Fifty years later, their family came together to celebrate with glee!!!
Yes, Mom and Pop Givens have been married for 50 years this year, and even though we wanted to have them a big "sha-bang" they simply didn't want that, so we spent 2 evenings together! Here are the details:
We had dinner at our house Friday night for Betty and Leon and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandson.

We had beautifully decorated tables, complete with fancy "chinet" dinnerware!

And names on the cups were a must!

Publix did a great job on the cake!

We decided we needed a "Groom's Cake" as well! Most of their marriage was spent as owners and operators of Bay Tire, or as Leon said, "Bay Tar!"

We had sparkling white grape juice chilled as well, and said a toast for the happy couple!

The menu: Golden Fried Chicken, Golden Mashed Potatoes, Golden Mac and Cheese, Golden Squash Casserole, Golden Corn on the Cob, and Golden Baked Rolls.

Here's everyone together!

The lovely couple and their cakes!

This is the whole clan, established 1963!

They are blessed enough to have 4 generations together for this occasion!

The next night, we took them out for a casual meal on the Causeway!

Good times and fun were had by all!!!
To God be the Glory for all of their years together!


Hotel Windowsill

The Patriot watching Charlie Daniels!

Playing Legos

LEGOLAND Firefighter

First ever ride!

In the Bull

Crashed at Six Flags

Big brother won me this!
Leaving ATL!!!