Monday, July 29, 2013

Goodbye Curls!

Well, for quite a while, we never thought our baby boy would have any hair....quite like his Mom didn't until she was five! But, indeed, over his almost 2 years of life, the hair came in, and in curls! We'd been debating on whether or not to cut it. As you see in the next two pictures, it was a little shabby, and his Daddy was certain it looked a little on the "girly" side!
Not a good picture, but you see the hair on the back!

And the curl behind his ear!!!
And not helping my case any, Noah came in to the living room the other evening where D and I were talking and said, "I don't know how, but somehow my gum came out of my mouth and went right into Nicholas's hair." By the way, it was Bubblicious.
Nicholas kept saying, " hair!!"
This left us no other choice but to call Mrs. Lori in! She's my neighbor (and friend!) and she's my personal home hairstylist!!! Actually, her shop is in Gulf Shores, so she just saves me the gas and comes next door!!!
He loved the cape, and actually sat pretty still!!!
Goodbye curls!!! Goodbye!

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