Thursday, December 17, 2009

An educated observation

Every other Thursday is payday!!!
Noah and I usually go up to the office to get Derrick's
paycheck, because he usually works too late
to get it himself.
So, I tell Noah we must go to "Daddy's Work" to get
"Daddy's Money!"
And we all know Daddy rarely sees this
"money" that I speak of.
Either way, this is our little ritual.
Today was different however.
Noah, being the educated little fellow that he is,
asked why don't we go get "Mommy's Money."
I tell him that Mommy doesn't really have
any money, that's why we go get Daddy's.
Noah said,
"If you go to work, Mom, then you can have money too...Good Grief!"
Well, well, well.
I guess I owe Daddy a great big thank you
for going to work,
and making that money!!!

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