Sunday, December 27, 2009

First things first...

In memory of Ruby D. Anderson
I still miss you her much.
I know Noah does too.
He does still ask about "my Ruby."
But I know that I know that I miss her.
I try to be strong for everyone else,
just like she would've done,
but it's hard when I am grieving myself still.
Aunt Ruby was so good to us.
Christmas time always makes me think, about a lot.
There are a lot of people that I miss,
and a lot of people who are still here that I am so thankful for.
I bet Christmas is great in Heaven for sure.
Jesus is so real, and I am so glad for that.
I love Him, and I am just so glad my Redeemer loved me first!
My Savior, my King, and my Friend!
I am so glad that the promises of God are "Yes!" and "Amen!"
And one of those promises is that we all have the opportunity to be in Heaven.
And I know it is too late on Earth,
and I know she cannot see or hear this...
there are no tears in Heaven, and this would for sure
make her cry...
but I do miss Aunt Ruby, and
I want us to be together in Heaven!
That's Aunt Ruby playing with Noah through the window of her house exactly one week before she went to be with Jesus.
That's the one I miss and love so much!

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