Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas comes earlier every year!

So, Wednesday November 3, 2009, The Derrick Givens Family officially began decorating the house for Christmas! Wow!
Noah was so excited when I opened "the closet"
in our spare bedroom...
which is the Alabama room.....
and "the closet" is where most of our Christmas stuff hangs out!
Anyway, Noah was very excited as we set up one of our Nativity Scenes,
our Fire Department Display,
always change all of the knick knacks
and pictures in my living room
to Christmas decorations.
Noah got so caught up in all of the "festivities"
that he blurted out,
"Oh boy Mom, It's Christmas Eve!"
Aye aye aye.
Why did I decide to do this so early again?!?!?!

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