Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation, Part 2: It's Chattanooga Baby!!!

So, after a fun filled weekend at  MeMe and Poppy's, and after much thought and advice, we loaded up the truck, and headed east! I was so excited about going somewhere different, just the 4 of us!

Chattanooga was amazing!!!

We got there around 6pm or so, and checked into the hotel, and then hit the town!

First, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Krystal's on Lee Highway, which was by our hotel, then we asked them some downtown info. They told us a way helpful shortcut for going downtown without hitting the interstates! Speaking my language for sure!

We checked out our destination locations, so we'd know what was what for the rest of the week, and while doing so, found this pedestrian bridge. It goes from Downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore Part of Chattanooga! It used to be a regular bridge then, (insert story here that I forgot) , and voila, it became a pedestrian bridge!!!
Everything was so pretty!
Getting ready for the big walk!
Love Noah in this one!
It's better in person! I was in awe really!
One of the driving bridges.

Thanks for standing by while I bored you to death with bridge pictures. I have more, but maybe later. Oh yes, and the picture behind the "All Things New" title is from here also. I absolutely loved that. I told D I would love to live at North Shore (the other side of the bridge which starts downtown) and walk downtown everyday! He was like, "whatever!" hahahaha.

I was also happy that the girl from Krystal's told us about this.

It's a set of steps, with water coming down it, and it represents the Trail of Tears (before the pale face came and stole the land from our people, and all that jazz), so that was cool.
Ross Landing written in Native American (can't remember which dialect, Cherokee maybe?)

After our splash party, (keep in mind it was almost 9 pm by now, and still daylight!) we were leaving and this percussionist caught Noah's attention. He sang a lovely rendition of Sweet Home Alabama, complete with me yelling Roll Tide Roll at all the appropriate times while everyone stared at us! I only felt bad that the only cash on us was $1. I really am much more of a supporter of the fine arts!
He's originally from South America.

Then it was regroup, rest, and relax time. Right here.

Keep watching for Part 3!

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