Friday, June 8, 2012

MaMa Mia Pizzeria!!!

Noah's favorite food of all time happens to be Pizza! None compares!

Well, I have been telling him forever that we could make our own, rather than eating those store bought ones, which are probably not the best things anyway!

So, I finally remembered to get the dough and sauce, cheese and pepperoni, and here we go!

Dough was in the oven, bell pepper came fresh from the garden!
 Noah said, "Mom, you can take pictures of me, and put it on the computer for everyone to see!"

I do apologize for the quality of pictures, I used my cell phone.....I wasn't planning on taking pictures!
Spreading the sauce!

Adding the cheese!

A few pepperonis!
 We were making a half and half pizza, because I wanted onions and peppers, and Noah didn' he said, "Mom, you better do your where's your camera?!?" Luckily, he just got my hands!!!
Onions and Peppers!

He said he only wanted 3 pepperonis on his side!!! Ready for the oven!

Noah's pizza!

My pizza!
It's a winner!!!

I'm sure we'll be experimenting lots with this sort of thing this summer.....we had the best time, it didn't cost much, and Noah loved it!

Oh, and if you are observant enough to see that Noah didn't have his glasses on, his glasses broke, and they tried to fix them, but they are so tight now, and cannot be adjusted, so he was taking a break! His new ones will be here next week.

Where was Nicholas? In his high chair, eating left over green beans and watching us! I wish I would've snapped his picture...he was patient!

Anyway, Here's to more summer cooking projects!!!!

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