Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation, Part 3: Aquarium

As much as I want to, I will not bore you with 1,000 picture of fish in tanks, I will not. It was a tough one, but I just chose a few of our favorites. If you are ever in Chattanooga, do not miss the Tennessee Aquarium. We had a blast! Especially Noah! There are two buildings, the River Journey, and the Ocean Journey. We enjoyed both.

Nicholas, thrilled to be here!
Heebie Jeebies!
He thought this was really cool.

Proof that I was on the trip!

See my 2 penguins?!?

Looking at real penguins!

Then we saw this at the IMAX. Highly recommend it. Noah's (and Nicholas's!) first 3D movie!

Then we had to break for lunch!

And even strolled down to the Moon Pie General Store!
Stay tuned for more!!!!

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