Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Summer : Vacation, Part 1!

Happy Summer!

Our summer began on Noah's last day of school, May 25th!

All A-Honor Roll, All Year Long!
See my 2nd grader?!?!?
 After Noah's award ceremony, we left out for Tennessee. First stop, Waverly!

We wanted to spend the weekend with D's folks, and May 25th happens to be their wedding anniversary! What a romantic way to spend 49 years together....waiting for your kids and grand kids!!!

We arrived late on Friday night, but first thing Saturday, Noah had one thing on his mind!
They had just had the hay cut and baled.....I love when it's freshly mowed!
This is what he had on his mind! This is what's behind the trees in the above picture! The creek! Nicholas and I opted to sit on the shore this year.....that water is cold!

And we had our chicken grilled!

 Derrick's sister had on old basket ball goal, without a pole, that she had sent to Waverly with D's parents. Derrick talked a neighbor down the road into giving us this pole. In return, D had to help him load and unload some heavy things around the house! I love the simplicity of trading with neighbors!
Noah was in heaven!

Can you see where Poppy was! He did help a little, before sitting in the shade! Noah made that basket!
 This next picture marks a tradition Noah is almost too big for!
He's done this for 5 years now!!!
 And where was Nicholas all this time?......

Eating grits.....when Putt Putt the Puppy wasn't trying to still them!

I love that smile!
And the many faces he makes!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Vacation Ramblings! 

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