Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Twenty-12

So, it was Mother's Day weekend....and here's what I captured! 
We started the weekend with Friday night dinner at my place for my folks. D's parents were coming, but came down with colds; they opted to rest! We had ham and the fixins, complete with gardenias, paper plates, lawn chairs, and good times!

One of the few pictures I took of that evening includes my mom holding a cake. Can you tell she's my mom?

This is a clothesline. I have been begging for one for years, but had not mentioned it lately. Then in walks Noah carrying this, saying "Happy Mudder's Day!" The "th" sound is his last speech sound before he's through with speech. Anyway, I was thrilled! As I am typing this, my clothes are hanging on it!!! D always knows when to get me the right things, for which I am thankful!

Sunday I tried to get a snapshot of my two boys, the "big brother/lil brother" shot....this is what we got!
Nicholas looking down thinking ,"What is this I am sitting on?" Noah's thoughts are more like, "How long do I have to sit here before she gets it right?!?"
Lil bro checking with big bro for approval!

Then lil bro getting the grass and leaves in his hands and keeping big bro in laughs!!!

So, I moved them to the front porch (we were at my in-laws house!) to see if that would help.....her front porch has a rug that was almost as interesting as the grass....
Nicholas kept fussing because I was trying to get him to smile and look. Poor Noah smiles on!
Finally a little laugh from lil bro! Big bro however was saying, "Hurry up mom, the game is on!" (Basketball that is!)

This is my speaks for itself!!!

Then we finished off the weekend at my NaNa's, visiting for a couple of hours! We did our "feed the fish" routine we always do at her apartment! Good memories!
Nana, Noah, me, and Nicky Brees!!!

Overall, I just also want to say thank you to my mom, for always being simply the best!
Thanks to my maw-n-law for teaching my hubs to be the best!
And to God, thank you for trusting me to raise two boys for your kingdom....I sure hope I don't let you down!!!

And to any mom reading this, do not take your job and calling lightly.
Consider it the honor that it is to be a mother.

I'll leave you with this:
A good mom has sticky floors, a messy kitchen, laundry piles, a dirty oven, and happy kids!!!

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  1. Oh my...I love the pic of the toes and of the boys! So precious!