Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adventures in MS

This past weekend, our family of 4 ventured to MS to D's niece's cookout (mainly for us to see their new house all pieced together!!!) and D's sister's birthday! 
The couple of honor and their lovely home
These boys were present as well!!! Those are D's nephews with our kiddos.
I cross-stitched them an "M" on a hand towel (their last name initial!) and they couldn't believe Aunt T made that!!!
D's family (minus D's head!! hahaha)
 And anytime these two ladies are together, we are scheduling a photo's a few of the many we came up with!!!

Partners in Crime! (She's my age!!!)

The kiddos!

Noah insisted we be "America's Next Top Model!" Please don't ask how he even knows about this show!

And of course, this couple (almost 3 years of marriage) is all smiles!!!
And these kiddos don't look too bad!!! :)
 Then it was time for Gina's birthday. She cannot stand when I take her picture, so I only will post a little!!!

 All in all this family had a great time.....and cannot wait until our next time together!!! 
T and her boys!

I may decide to post on Jessica's pretties from her house.....stay tuned!!!

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