Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy weekend...covered in cell phone pictures!

We had such a busy weekend, starting with Friday. It was Field Day at Noah's School. They also had a mile run to start off the day called the Jill Hall Run. Jill Hall was a principal at the school who believed in physical fitness, and loved to run. She was killed during my kindergarten year in a car crash, and in her memory they have this fun run. Last year, Noah came in 2nd place for all of Kindergarten, and this year, he was hoping to do the same for the 1st grade. Well, they split the age groups up, so his group is K4-2nd grade. Noah won 2nd place for the 1st graders, and came in 4th place overall!!! We were very proud of him!!!

Nicholas sure did draw a crowd of ladies!!!!
There is bulletin board in the 1st grade hallway where they kids each wrote something they are good at that makes them unique. I guess Noah really had the Jill Hall run on his mind when he wrote this!!!

And I was very proud of my sweet "daughter" Maddie. She is our neighbor who I used to babysit 2 times a week, and now I steal her from her folks any chance I can!!! She's a 2nd grader, and she loves baby Nicholas!

Here's Noah and two of his friends after the race! Such cuties!
Then they had a picnic lunch in the was way too hot for outside picnicking!!! These two boys are Noah's absolute best friends!
After lunch, we were back outside for the rest of Field Day. This is Noah with his teacher, who is most definitely one of the best teachers I have ever met in my life....I have begged her to teach every class Noah goes to, now through college!!! She's gonna stay in first grade though!!!

The highlight of field day is tug-of-war! Last year Noah hopped up to the front of the rope, this year, he wanted to try the very back spot! They did 1st grade boys, verses Kindergarten boys (along with two teenagers on the Kindergarten side) and the first graders won!!!

After this long, tiring day, we headed to the local outlet mall to get Noah some new t-shirts, as he has gotten too tall for all of last summer's shirts, and after that, he went to stay the night with my sister! So, we took that opportunity to fire up the grill, and have an evening of supper together at home (Nicholas was asleep by the time our supper was ready!!) Then D turned in early, and I got to work! My best friend was having a baby shower the next day, and my parents graciously watched baby Nicholas so I could help throw the shower for her! They said he didn't cry....maybe they should do this more often!!! hehehe
I am the grill master!!!!
Saturday was my best friend's baby shower, and I decided to bring some nice treats! I got to work washing strawberries, and melting almond bark!!!
These were delicious!
And so were these marshmallow pops I made with the leftover chocolate!!!

I cannot wait until her identical twin girls arrive!!!

 Then, after that busy Friday and Saturday, our children's church was having Hillbilly Day! Our hillbilly was a cute one!!!

Straw hat, t-shirt, denim jacket with gloves hanging out of the pocket, old jeans rolled up, and big boots, covered in mud! Everyone in the children's department looked the part as well!!! It was a fun Sunday for them!!!

Oh yeah, and the Bubba teeth!!!

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