Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a few things new!

 I have found that with two children (one of them an infant), I am doing good to snap pictures with my cell phone, let alone take my real camera everywhere! And Noah has found that he can't even go brush his teeth without a little guy in a walker following him in there!!!! 
 We've been spending lots of time outside. and with that comes these guys, the ones that look like sticks!!! I was cutting my in-law's grass, and saw this guy when I turned the corner. It's just a rat snake, but he still gave me the heebie jeebies!


When possible, Nicholas's favorite thing to do, other than eat, is to sit outside on the grass! Of course I check for any stick like creatures, and ants, and dirt! haha. He cries when I pick him up off of the grass, but any other time, he cries until I pick him up! See those chunky little feet?!?!?! hahaha. He wiggles them around the whole time he is sitting there!
 And we absolutely have been spending as much time in the boat as possible. Nicholas loves this too! He is an outside boy, through and through, and a potential river rat! hahaha. He is not wild about the life jacket though! And Derrick and Noah still enjoy it just as much as they ever did! I do too, but there will be no pictures taken of me during or after a boat adventure!!!! The ragamuffin look is not becoming!
And our main time in the great outdoors is spent right out on our back porch, usually involving me near the grill!!! And except for Noah, who is always, and I mean always, shooting hoops!
 I have been very fortunate in receiving lots of hand-me-downs for Nicholas. As of right now, I will have to start buying his clothes when he is five!!! I have all the way through 4t piled up in his closet (thanks Aunt Richie!) and I don't mean just a couple of outfits. I mean quite a few boxes full! In one of those boxes (from Aunt Richie's cousin) there was this Florida Seminoles shirt!!! Imagine my shock, and me trying to keep my lunch down when I saw this strange thing!! hahaha! It was definitely a funny sight! Noah came in the living room and said "Ew mom, where did that come from?!?!" hahahaha. We're just training him up!
 Another quite cruel prank was when on Good Friday while Noah was out of school, we ventured to Publix for some extreme couponing (total before coupons-$110.18, after coupons-$59.50!) and Noah runs up to an LS-who display and says, "Mom take a picture of me cheering for LSU!" Ugh, my heart shattered into a million pieces right there in Publix!!! hahaha. He said, "That's only a really bad joke mom....only the Tide can be #1!" Whew...that was a close one! 

 He did have me text that picture to our neighbors, who obviously go for the wrong team! There is a little patch of grass by a power pole on their property line, and she and her husband (who cuts the grass!) wanted to put in a flower bed, because he was tired of having to weed-eat around this pole, where our mowers couldn't fit. So, she told me she was getting all purple and yellow flowers for her side of the property line, but she wasn't going to cross the line. The line meets with a small right of way to the property behind us, then our property. I said, well, I may plant a few things on my side (where the right of way is) and if the owners ask me to move them, I will. I went with red and white petunias (which are small compared to her things, but again, not my property!) and I put an old Crimson Tide car flag at the back of the row of flowers!!! hahaha. We are yards divided! We've had lots of good laughs about it!
I am sure by now anyone reading this heard about our latest National Championship trophy getting broke when someone tripped on a rug at A-Day, but we Bama fans take it in stride! We have plenty more, and more to come!

Stay tuned for a few more updates from time to time....I'm gonna try anyway!

And I will leave you with this....At some places they play football, but at Alabama we live it!!!

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