Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love turtles!

Like I said, I love turtles! Like I don't have enough "stuff", I have a collection of turtles. A lot of them came from my late Aunt DeeDee....she collected them first! (I started with 3 aunts, they are all with Jesus now!)
Turtles are slow, but that is what makes them appealing to me. They don't get in a hurry for anyone. If something happens quickly, a turtle will likely miss all of the action. And they are o.k. with that. They have to be. To me, that is admirable.

I have also had several pet turtles. Most husbands bring their wives flowers or candy, which most wives love, but my hubby brings me turtles....which I adore. That means he is truly putting thought into something I like!

The first turtle he bought me came from a pet store, just before D and I got married, and we named him Rover. Rover went to glory-land about 3 months later, on Super Bowl Sunday!!! (Hmmm)

I cried my eyeballs out. But he has also brought me turtles from the wild, we had Franklin, and Juddson, and I am thinking a couple of other ones from the pet store that may not have made it too far, but I decided to let the big guys go out at my parents land. Juddson and Franklin did get a better home than what is in the picture below, that was just temporary. And please note baby Noah!!! He was a little over one. hehehe.
I do love TURTLES!

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