Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love the library!

You may have noticed that earlier this month I posted that I love to read.

So you may not be surprised to learn that I love the library too!!! I especially love our little library in Summerdale. The ladies who work there are wonderful, and the atmosphere is too. And Noah really loves the library and wants to go every day. We go at story time, and while he is usually the only child there, they still always make sure to have this time for Noah. A bigger library would maybe cancel story time altogether, but not Summerdale. That hour or so of time that they spend with Noah is priceless, and it gives me time to look through the other sections and even some magazines while I am there. And last summer, I took Noah and my niece and nephew to the Reading Program, and just really had a great time. I know that this has turned into "Noah loves the library" but rest assured, I do too! When he went to school, I would go by myself, and just look around. Get a novel, or even a "cookbook!" And it's all free, of course. So, that makes it all the more fun!

Here she is....the Summerdale Library!

This was last summer, on the front porch of the library. Noah made that shirt, and this was taken just before we went to the splash park for the end of the reading program!

Noah is the one in red not paying attention during the story, he is looking at the Cat in the Hat I think, but it's the only picture I have of the inside!!!

This was also during last years Summer Reading Program, and each week they had a volunteer (not an orange one! rtr) come in to read stories, and this particular storyteller was my elementary school librarian. Brought back memories too!

I really do love the LIBRARY!

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