Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love Mom and Pop Givens!

Yep, I love my in-laws! They really do treat everyone the same, regardless to if you are family, blood or not! They treat every person alive the exact same way! They once told me the only way to get out of this family is to die!!! Yikes! I guess I'm stuck!
They are known as Leon and Betty (they are actually Harold and Elizabeth) and they have been nothing but great to me!
Really, Derrick's whole family, as I have posted before, really make you feel at home. And that is so awesome!
I call on Leon and Betty for all sorts of things, but mainly prayer. I'll try not to be too spiritual, but I can call them at anytime with any request, and they will stop what they are doing to pray for me. When I found out about the last aunt that passed away, I called them that night/ was around midnight thirty, and told them to wake up and pray, and not to stop till I let them know....I still haven't let them know!!! Not really, but they prayed a lot for me and my family at that time (knowing the close relationship I had with her) and they still do pray for me! With lots of situations. My faith isn't in them or anything, it just helps to know that they agree with me in prayer!
We also stay with them at their second home in TN at least once or twice a year. They even built on an addition and decorated it purple...that's's just for us!!! They always volunteer to keep Noah so that I can rest, or just read a book in my room, or just relax outside, or have a date with my hubby, or go shopping get the point! And when they come home to us, they do the same. The last time they came home, I had the flu, then just before they left, I got sick again, and the dr still doesn't know what I had, just my throat was swollen shut! They took such good care of me when needed (while my parents worked) and they babysitted Noah and Derrick for me too! That's huge!
Then Leon got sick the day after they left here, at Derrick's sister's house, and was in the hospital a week, and I found out that they really do mean a whole lot to me, and to us, and that we really do mean a lot to them too!

And of course, Betty and I have our own thing going on... when we can....we dump those boys!!! haha

I really do love MOM AND POP GIVENS!!!

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