Friday, February 19, 2010

I love flowers!!!

I really don't have a lot of good pictures, but I do love Flowers! Any and all! My favorite is planting them, and then watching them grow. The lillies in my front yard are my favorite. The rose pictured above came from Fairhope Pier Park, and I think it is so very pretty. I wish I could duplicate it.
One of my favorite memories as a child was going to the flower nursery every spring with my mom, and occasionally my dad, and once...haha...with my brother. But anyway, that was one of my favorite things. The smells, and the greenhouse, and the colors, and all of it. I truly looked forward to and enjoyed those trips.
Now, I am excited about teaching Noah about different flowers and plants, and seeing our own little creations bloom!!!
I also want to dedicate this post to my Aunt Ruby, who also loved her pretty flowers, and always took good care of them.
One of my favorite songs-
The prettiest beds of flowers will be blooming,
by the prettiest streets our eyes will ever behold,
where the beautiful tree of life for us is waiting,
by the prettiest mansions made of purest gold.
On Heaven's golden strand they'll be no more dying,
no chilling winds or tempest ever will blow,
it is a land of love and wonderous beauty,
where fragrant flowers ever will grow.
The prettiest robes and crowns we'll all be wearing,
in the city four square beyond this world of strife,
The prettiest songs with the angels we'll be singing,
On that beautiful morning by the river of life!

I do love FLOWERS!

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