Monday, February 1, 2010

Sleepy Head

Sleep, for us, has always been a big priority.
There was once a time when all 3 of us would be asleep in bed no later than 8 pm! I know, shocking. But, here lately, it never seems to work that way. We have unfortunately forgotten how nice that was! And, Mr. Noah has decided to be quite challenging on this subject lately. He has started coming up with excuse after excuse of why he must stay up later. My favorite one was:
1. Mommy, my tummy is drinkey.
(He meant thirsty!)
Among some of the others:
2. Mommy, I need you to read 4 more books, or 5, whatever.
3. Mommy, my room is sleepy. I need to come to your room.
4. Mommy, the TV needs me to see this.
(Yes, he actually said that!)
5. Mommy, your my best friend, you can sleep in my bed, if you want to!
To which I replied, "What about Daddy?"
He said, "No, not Daddy, only you!"
So, lately, sleep has been a challenge around here. Then by the time I get him wound down, I am wound up! I have no problem with Derrick though, he has always been a sleepy head. He can literally go to sleep anywhere. And at almost any time. But, maybe in the near future, we can go back to the good ole days of 8pm sleeping!
Sweet dreams!

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  1. Yep, our two can come up with some really creative reasons on why we should sleep with them or they should sleep with us! But we like to get them in bed by 8:00 so we can experience "quiet time" for a bit!