Thursday, February 4, 2010

The best part of waking up...... Folgers in my cup!!! haha!
I LOVE coffee!
I am a 3rd generation addict.
My grandmother drank hers black,
my daddy drinks his black,
I broke the mold however, and I have to doll mine up a bit!!!
I was surprised to hear that my great-grandmother drank hot tea.
But, dear sweet Grandma Lane one time fasted from coffee in order for one of her children, coincidently my Na-Na, to be healed, and so God healed Na-Na, and Grandma drank hot tea!!!
here's to my love, coffee!
Illustrated below, an every day routine,
photographed by my personal photographer!!!

Here is sad mommy, pouring the first drink!

Wait for it, wait for it

Ah, happy mommy!

Thanks photographer Noah!!!

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