Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my kitchen...

I have actually done a post on this way a while back, but I love my newly decorated rooster kitchen!It really does make a difference in how things are done in there.

It has changed some since these pictures were taken last June, but for some reason my camera will not upload new pictures I took...which is not good!!!But I will hopefully have it fixed soon, and I may do another post on my kitchen later on, with updates.

But my whole attitude is different when I am in my kitchen.

It's like "my room." I know that maybe sounds weird, but D had the house before we got married, so it's sorta like I live at "his" house, and that's not his fault, it just seems that way sometimes. It's our house, and I know it is, and I picked the colors for our living room and kitchen, and I picked the decorations, and I change stuff up all the time around here....poor D never knows what he will come home to, or where stuff is located!

But, this was all my choice, and I really do LOVE MY ROOSTER KITCHEN!

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