Thursday, February 18, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I love going to baseball games!
We typically only go to little league games, or to minor league games, but once we got to go to a Braves vs. Dodgers game! That was awesome!
I hope to do that again sometime!
But, I love going to them.
Baseball really is America's Favorite Game. Peanuts and cracker jacks and rooting for the hometeam!
It really is fun.
Going to the games is by far funner than coaching the little leagues! I am so glad I convinced D to take a few years off until Noah plays (next year) so that we could have less of coaching and more of watching. D is an awesome coach and player, but kids just ain't what they used to be. Now a days, they want to walk rather than trying to hit the ball. I tell ya what. I better not get started on what I don't love about the game, and remember what I do love!
I love going to the games, watching them on TV, everything about them!
And apparently, we passed that gene on!
This is at the Mobile BayBears.
Here's Matt Diaz and myself at a Mississippi Braves game. D's sister lives 5 minutes from the stadium, so anytime the major leaguers have to move down (Matt had surgery and was preparing to move back up) they get the opportunity to go to the games and see the big guys!

Here's Jeff Franceour (I'm sure I misspelled that,but I am too lazy to fix it) and I at that same game. He just wasn't playing as well as he could have, so he got moved down to the minors for a while!
They were both very nice guys.

Here's D and I with the Hank. I would love to meet him in real life.

Here's Noah and I and our true colors!!!
And poor D is lost and goes for "that other team"
and he has since he was a little boy (back with the dinosaurs!!!)


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  1. We love baseball, too! We loved going to see the Lookouts play when we lived in Chattanooga. Now we love to go watch the Braves. The kids think it's a blast!