Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today being the 13th reminded me of the 13 time National Champions that I love, that's right....I love BAMA!!!
Anyone can win a National Championship, but you have to be Bama to win 13!!!
We have an Alabama room,and Alabama bathroom.
We live on Crimson Tide Drive.
Our son is Noah Bryant.
Our living room is painted Crimson and Gray.
I have an autographed picture of Nick Tiffany!
I bleed Crimson!
And for the record, I loved BAMA just as much when we were "losing" as I do now!
And I have so many pictures that I could start a new blog of just BAMA!
Roll Dadgum Tide!!!

I love football, and I LOVE BAMA!
P.S.-Picture at the top was before we painted, just a football party, then my picture of Coach, two pictures from the Alabama room, me and D with 92,000 of our closest friends, and finally the paint job.

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