Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28

Day 28: My siblings' spouses and all of their children!!!
I am so thankful for my siblings-n-law and my nieces and nephews!!! They too add something to my life that could not be replaced or reproduced!!!
My brother, his wife, their son. Richie has introduced me to the wonderful world of Coffee mate, we've had fun shopping trips together, we get our Christmas trees together, we watch football together......once we scheduled birthday parties for the same day (oops!).....we've boated together, we have fun family times together. I would also say I am closer to my brother now, because she brings him along too!!! haha! And of course, there is no one else quite like Anthony Cooper, that sweet and spunky nephew of mine!

My sister, her husband, their children. Steve has been my other big brother since 2002, and has done a mighty fine job. He's always looked out for me, and we even worked together for a year or so. We have several inside jokes, and have had lots of fun times. Through the fires of his life, rather than coming out smelling like coal, he's came out smelling like refined gold, and I am so proud to have him in our family. He's added two precious children to our bunch, and I love those kiddos just like the rest of  'em. And of course, Aunt T's Boo, pictured in the middle, has always been my sweet girl.

My sister, her husband, their son. While all of this is new, I can already say that Jason is one heck of a guy. He seems to really make Tiffany happy, and be a superb dad to Austin. They both have a great sense of humor, and family togetherness. Noah asks me all of the time when he can go back to Happy Harbor with Uncle Jason!!! What a wonderful memory they made together! Roll Tide Austin!!!
I have an awesome family, with great ones married in and born to, and for that, I am thankful!!!

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