Thursday, December 6, 2012

I cannot believe I did it!!!!

I totally thought I had already posted Days 29 and 30. I know I thought about doing them, I must've sat down to type them out, and got sidetracked (no, not me!) I am sorry!!! Better late than never....
Day 29- Friends. I have several friends, folks who I enjoy being around, and hanging out with. Then I have my true friends. Other than my husband, I have about a handful of true friends. I also know that the next opportunity I get, I must get good pictures of me and my friends!!! haha!
These are the ones like my neighbor. We share her daughter, and lots of laughs! She is constantly doing things for me, and my children. She cuts my hair, and rips up a check if I write her one. She takes Noah to school, just to save me the trip. She gets things on sale and gives them to my boys. Just because. She's even washed my dog before!!!  She's been a great friend.
At Noah's 5th birthday party
With Buddy Boy!!!

I have 1 million pictures with "our" daughter in them, but I like this one from this summer.

I have another friend who lives a few doors down. She is the one who has seen me in my jammies, and never judged! We've worked out together, we've laughed together, we go black friday shopping together, she even came to me the night my aunt passed away (which was around 12:30 am) and we cried together. She didn't leave me until Derrick got home (he was one of the firefighters on scene).
This is my baby shower with Nicholas. She's in the background, helping, without being asked, and not to be seen!!!
Here she is at her baby shower with her twin girls.....recognize that shirt?!?!
Carrying her beautiful twin girls....they joined a big brother at home!!!

 I have another friend around the corner who has helped several members of my family.....she is a Court Referral Officer!!! haha! She has loaned me maternity clothes, a cradle, given me baby clothes. Called just to say hey. Had Noah over to play with her son, and did all sorts of things with them. She's sat with me through award ceremony's at school, and we've been to 2 silent auctions
Visiting baby Nicholas in the hospital
Our first born are besties too.....they share the exact same birthday!!!
Awards' Ceremony Feeding!!!
  I have others, but those three seem to be the real deal. And of course Jesus and Derrick! Hah! But, I too, try to be just as good of a friend to these ladies. I could never list all of the things these three do and have done for me, and for that I am thankful. I cannot describe how much they mean to me, and for that I am thankful!!! They expect nothing in return though, and for that, I am thankful!

Day 30- Life. I am thankful just for life. For some reason, God thought I needed to exist, and just because He had enough love in His heart to create me, I am thankful!
See my newest haircut from friend number 1?!?!

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