Friday, December 21, 2012

Where have I been?!?

It's Christmastime again! And once again, I am spending every free chance I have just making memories! It's so hard to get caught up in the whirlwind of activities that comes with this time of year, and while we've been plenty busy, I still find myself enjoying every minute of it! Here are just a few highlights! Enjoy! Oh, and if I don't come back before, Merry Christmas!
At the Christmas Tree Farm

Daddy had too helpers this year!

Went to the Christmas parade with Aunt Richie, Anthony, and some friends, Mike and Susan. We even saw Daddy and Noah on the firetruck!!!

Noah, prepared with his list (that's my boy!), got to talk it over with Santa!

Nicholas was not so prepared for Ho Ho! He was fine with him until I sat him down in Santa's lap!!!
Church Christmas Party where we each decorated a table.....mine was a Crimson Tide Christmas! We were happy to have my folks with us!

Then we went to MS to spend some time with Derrick's sister and her family! We went ahead and had Christmas with them!

Noah thought Aunt Gina had a good taste in presents!

That ball has all the NBA teams on it!

Nicholas fell asleep about 2 seconds after opening his presents! Hah!

He was so very cute!

Aunt T and Bubba even got sweet baby Cole a little something!

And don't leave Dad out!!!

We also celebrated my mother-n-law's ??th birthday. She made us all swear not tell anyone, which didn't stop my hubby from posting her age on Facebook! Once a rebel, always a rebel! Of course, when I get to be her age, I'll be braggin' myself!
She was so glad to have both of her children, and all of her grandchildren, there together for one big shin-dig!
We wish you many more!!!

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