Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

First, let me say this, I had a whole post typed up the other night, and all loaded down with Christmas pictures, and for some reason, not only did it not post, but it did not save! Ugh! Maybe later, maybe not. Just know we had a wonderful season celebrating our King's birthday!
Now, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!
New Year's Day is mine and my hubby's wedding anniversary also! 01-01-13. This year, we celebrated it on New Year's Eve, when we had to run an errand in Panama City, FL anyway. We had sitters for the kids, and off we went! 3 hours to pick up one little thing we needed for Noah, that Santa gave us instructions for!!! Hah!
Anyway, while in FL, we decided to head to McGuire's in Destin, FL for lunch. We ate there the night we got married, and on at least 6 of our anniversaries!
Headed to Destin 12-31-12
Headed to Destin 01-01-04!

9 year anniversary dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Givens! McGuires, Destin 
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Givens 01-01-04 McGuires, Destin
 Happy Anniversary D, and Happy New Years everyone!!!

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