Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Technician T

 So, I know you are all (both of you who reads this...haha!) wondering how school is going for me!!!
Well, so far, it's been great!! Last semester, I successfully completed 12 credit hours with all A's! This semester, I am also taking 12 credit hours, 6 of them online, and 6 of them on campus. Being away from home two nights a week is really rough already, but this too shall pass, and it will be worth it one day! I am so thankful for sweet hubby and his support!

One of my classes is A+ Hardware/Software Support. And, on the 2nd night of class, we got to take apart computers that already didn't work. On the third night of class, we got to take apart our computers that we do our work on!!! Eek!!!

Just call me Technician T!
The guts!!! All that is left is the motherboard!

That's a power supply, hard drive, floppy drive, and CD drive!
 And when we meet for our next class, we get to put it all back together!!!

And props to our teacher, who is the most patient person alive!!! He does the best job of explaining things to us.....and no, he doesn't read this and I am not brown-nosing!!! I am merely thankful!

The next time you need your desktop PC torn apart, call Technician T!

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