Monday, January 28, 2013

So the story goes!!!

This will be a list of pictures......and that's the story folks!!!

In conclusion to my last post, I had to put back together that poor computer that I had taken apart, and believe it or booted right up on the first try!!! Ta-Da!

And don't you know that while Mama is doing all of this schooling, her boys have been busy training as well?!?
Future Meter Reader?!?
Or competitive eater?!?

This one is busy making all A's and having perfect attendance!!!

Making an appearance as Bible Man at a friend's super hero birthday party!

And training with Upward to be the next big NBA star!!!
 And two of the best things about his training at Upward are:
Learning from the Coach how to be sportsman like by cheering on your teammates accomplishments!
And learning to pray before every game for the players, coaches, referees, and fans!!! See the little boy in glasses on the left of the picture?!?!      

 And that concludes the training portion of this story!!!

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