Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Days 9-13!!!

Sorry I got behind....I have been busy volunteering to teach Noah's class, going to see Bama play with my husband, and spending Sunday and Monday together as a family......and for that I am thankful!!!! Here are days 9-13...
Day 9-The Bible: God's Holy Word. I am so thankful that while sometimes, things may get tough or out of hand, we always have the guide written for us to follow and refer to. And I have stood on the Word so many times through life. I have a living God, and I hide His Word in my heart, and for that, I am thankful.

Day 10-Music. You've seen this picture already, but I am thankful for music. Not just that I can make music, but I love to listen to music. I am thankful that so many people have the talent to put together words and make lyrics, and put together notes and make music. Music moves me, and for that, I am thankful.

High School Band Seniors 2003!

Music Humor!!!
Day 11-Military/Veterans. I am thankful for all of the men and women who serve or have served in the military, in any way, shape, or form in order to keep this country free. Freedom isn't free, and we've had many people pay the price, and for that, I am thankful! 

Day 12-Football. I absolutely love watching football.....particularly Alabama Football!!! I enjoy watching all of it though. I remember when I was a little girl, I would stay with my grandmother a lot during the summer and on school holidays, and my uncle lived next door to her. He came over one day, and wrote down x's and o's on paper, and explained the fundamentals to me. I love football, and I am so happy that Noah had the opportunity to play this year. Things weren't perfect for the team, coaches, or players, but we made the best of it, and we are looking forward to next year. Touchdown Alabama.....and for that, I am thankful!

Derrick and I went to the Bama vs. Texas A & M game, and even though our team lost, we had an absolute blast!

I am also thankful that I found this "Nick Chick" visor to wear, as we both forgot our sunglasses!

Roll Tide!!! Here we are with over 100,000 of our closest friends!

Still the greatest coach to ever walk a sideline!!!

Day 13-Birthdays! I am so thankful that every year, after another trip around the sun, I wake up on July 23rd and celebrate another year of my life. I hope to continue to have birthdays for a long, long time. I have already been given more time than others, and for that, I am thankful! Here's my 27th birthday.

My 26th birthday.

My 25th birthday....don't worry, that's all the further I am going back!!!

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