Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going again....

It looks like this:
Friday-we had a yard sale at my sister's....fun and tiring.
Saturday-cleaned house, Waterville that night with D's work.
Sunday-Church(with the toddler class), mowed in-laws' grass(with a flat tire), Wake at 6.
Monday-Bank, cut our grass, funeral at 2, Bible College at 7.
Today-packing for TN(to go see in-laws), library program with the kids.


Looking forward to eating whatever my mother-n-law cooks and having her help with Noah?-very much so!!!!

It's about an 8 hour drive I have to do (Derrick never drives because he has to drive so much with his work, I don't think he should have to drive anymore).....but the drive will be worth it.

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