Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So much to thank Him for.....

My sister and I are having a yard sale on Friday. I am so excited. It will be at her house which is in Foley, about a block off of HWY59. Great location. So, I have been having to go through all of my stuff, and decide what to keep, and what to sell. In doing so, I have realized just how much stuff we have and how little of it we have bought!!!! Since we repainted the living room and kitchen, we are going to be doing something different, decoration wise, and hopefully we will make some money Friday to do that with! The goal is for the living room to look less dorm room (we managed to fit all of our Bama pictures into the Alabama room, except for Comes the Tide, it's staying in the living room!!!!) , and for the kitchen to look like Cracker Barrel. I'm very excited about all of this.

At my church, I am the "coordinator" of the Toddler Department (18-36 months) in the Children's Ministry. They gave me this fancy title, but really, all I do is teach the class every Tuesday night and make sure there are snacks and drinks in there. The lady who really got the Toddler class started is moving to Louisiana (which is where her husband is from and his family lives....I am so happy for them), and she was the teacher on Sunday mornings. So, I suppose until we find more help, I will be doing some Sunday mornings too. But, as silly as it sounds, and as much "big church" as I will be missing, I am so thankful for the opportunity to know these kids I have, let alone teach them the Word of God!!!! They are so attentive. It's not like teaching the older kids, these little ones are so impressionable. I love them so much. They each have their own little attitudes, and personalities. I have a lesson plan for the class (thanks T), and once they get the idea of stucture, they love it, but at the end of class, they just play. Last night, I just sat back and watched for a minute as these kids just played. Last night I had seven (4 boys, 3 girls) and they all interact so well with each other, for the most part. I can always tell who didn't get their nap that day!!!! Hahaha.

Last Sunday night, I went with my dad to church, he was visiting a church where he sings in a quartet. He actually sings in 2 quartets there, but Sunday night, they were singing, and I went. As I sat there and looked around at my family (the majority of this church) I all of a sudden became so thankful for family. I always have been extremely proud of my family, and who they are, but this was more of a thankful feeling. Especially when I saw my late grandmother's sister. Aunt E. is so much like my Na-Na was. They just remind me of each other, and I was so happy to see her. And her son told about how he and my dad used to go preaching and singing together some as teenagers, and it made me realize how sometimes cousins just aren't as close anymore. That's sad. But it still made me think of how thankful I was for family.

I have so much to thank Him for.

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