Thursday, June 4, 2009

There's power in prayer!

So, not to sound like a whiney-baby, I went to sleep last night with a horrible headache...and I woke up today with it. I just went about my business, cleaned the bathroom floor and baseboards, dusted the living room a little, pulled weeds in two flower beds, did a little laundry, made chicken and rice for supper, and took care of Noah. The whole time my head was pounding. I took some Tylenol twice today....which apparently I was just wasting my time. Finally, when Derrick came home, we had dinner and I told him I just had to lay down for a minute...I literally couldn't see straight. I did not want to lay down, or face the fact that I do not have a big "S" plastered on my chest and I don't wear a cape, but I really had to.

Noah came to my bedside and said, " Mommy, what's wrong?" I told him that my head was hurting. He then said, " It's o.k. mom, I'll say a prayer!!!" and he laid his little hand on my head and said, "In Jesus name, Amen." Then he told me, "It's o.k. mom."

I laid there about 20 more minutes, just to be sure, but then I got up and I feel fine. Of course.
It's like Noah remembered all the times that he has been sick, and I have sat at his bedside. What a role reversal!!! This event made me proud, but at the same time, a little sad. I thought I was the mom, and he was the kid I was taking care of!!! So let me take up some space on my blog to honor my boy....who has the faith to move mountains!!! These pictures are from March, when Noah and I were working in the yard....they are some of my favorite pictures.


  1. Isn't a child's prayer amazing! Their faith is not hindered like ours. I would just about rather have one of my girls pray over me than anyone else!

  2. Don't feel bad about the role reversal. Apparently you are doing a wonderful job, and Noah is learning from your example.

    I love the pictures especially the last one with the full blown smile!