Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Very disappointed....

This morning I had a very rude awakening at the library program. I took Noah and my niece and nephew and we were excited about a happy time. They had a story teller who stuck with the theme of "Be creative", and she was very nice. However, she gave the kids a couple of ideas for a story they were gonna all write together as a group, and they picked one about aliens and ufos. Now, I know this sounds silly to a lot of people, but we are very particular with Noah and what he watches and hears, and aliens are a no-no to us. I know it's just part of make believe, and I know that outer space is real. However, I don't like the idea of such a controversial subject being introduced to such a wide range of kids. When she started telling the story, Noah and I just got up and walked outside until they were done. I found out that by doing this we are "weird". And it's not just about it being scary, although from what the other kids said, they cut the alien's head off and all that, but I just don't believe in aliens, and I don't want Noah going along with a story that promotes them. There are lots of other things we don't let him watch (Cartoon Network, FairlyOdd Parents, Spider-man, just to name a few) because my husband and I just do not agree with some of these shows and what they are teaching kids. I just cannot picture Jesus liking this story or these t.v. shows, and while I am not sure about this, I don't want to be held accountable for letting my child watch and listen to and see whatever he wants. I think that children pick up not necessarily bad habits or do bad things, but they pick up the wrong ideas about stuff. We do the Easter Bunny and Santa, not stressed a lot, but we do them, BUT, my child can tell you about King Jesus on the cross and about Baby Jesus in a manger. I am not one of these religious types who will push my beliefs on anyone, God sent His Son not to condemn the world....., and it's not about religion, it's about a relationship. And I don't feel I should feel like an outcast for caring about what my child is introduced to. And, everytime I think about this, I remember that Jesus was an outcast first. Hopefully, anyone who is reading this did not get their toes stepped on, but this is one place where I can say my feelings. I didn't tell any of the library workers or the lady telling the story that I was opposed to what they were doing, after all, I was the different one, but here, I get to actually say what I wanted to say to them!!!!! I believe that's called a flesh attack!!!! Hahaha! Next week they are having puppets, Noah LOVES puppet shows, and hopefully they will not be dragons, monsters, witches, aliens, or fairies!!!!!!

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  1. God entrusted you with your child, and He is giving you and Derrick the wisdom to raise him. You are taking that job seriously, and I am so proud of you. I sometimes have problems with things others don't so I can understand what you are feeling. I think creativity and imagination are important in a child's life, but I agree with you on the point that we have to be careful where we let others guide our children's (and our own) imagination. Feeling as you did about the topic, it seems that you were able to handle it in a graceful way.