Thursday, June 11, 2009

The little bird

Yesterday afternoon, when I was outside watering my flowers, I kept hearing this really loud chirping. In each corner of our porch, we have bird nests (2 total) that have been there for about 4 years, and every year we get at least 2 families of birds per nest, so I assumed that's where the chirping was coming from. Then I realized that it was coming from the flower bed, and that a baby bird had either fallen or tried to fly. He was chirping so loud. And I of course had to go get the whole family. And Noah loved it!!! And Derrick tried to rescue it and put it back in the nest, but the bird jumped out of his hands back onto the ground. I felt so bad for the little guy. He did kind of look a little sickly, but they may all look like that, I'm not sure. Underneath his wings were yucky and bleedy looking. And after the bird jumped out of Derrick's hands into the grass, the little bird just sat there. I watched it and watched it. It quit chirping and everything. I guess it was tired. I thought it was gonna die right there, but then Noah said a prayer for that bird, and it started walking across the grass, and trying to flap it's wings. That reminded me that God can really do all things!!! He saw that bird right where it was at, and heard the prayer that went up for it. So a big lesson re-learned here. Much later, after I came in, I saw the momma bird trying to help her baby. It was so pitiful. Then, this morning, I went outside to find the little bird by the landscape stones, and just barely doing some labored breathing. It is still alive. There are a few ants circling around though. I just wish I knew what to do for the little bird. Either way, I am so thankful that God continues to show me things, and remind me of His love and His power. He is such a Mighty God. He helped that little bird, and He can and will help me in my times of need. I watched that bird last night for around 30 minutes, just me and the bird, and so many thoughts were going through my head. I am hoping to go outside in a few minutes and do either a rescue from the ants, or even see that baby bird take flight. Who knows what God has in store for it?!?!?

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