Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a day in the park!

Say hello to, as Noah says it, " Anafee!"

He is Anthony, and he is my brother's little boy.
And this is what he thinks of Aunt T and her camera, but...
.....put him in a swing, and who knows what might happen!

Getting better.....

I found a new way to make this little booger smile!One thing that's true about an almost 2 year old little boy is that he is very busy!!! And has no problem knowing what he wants, and figuring out how to get it!!!

The slide!

The rocking frog!

And the merry-go-round.

He totally thought he was grown!

And now, say hello to Anthony's "I am so tired/put that dadgum camera away" face!!!

But, that's o.k. Aunt T still loves him very much!

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