Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

Being married to a firefighter, September 11 will never be forgotten in our home, but I feel like it will never be forgotten in our country either.

I pray for the families who lost loved ones, particularly the spouses and children of the hero firefighters who gave their lives too.

I could guarantee that if we lived in New York, my husband would have freely given his life in effort to save others, but he would also do so right here in Summerdale in the small volunteer department he is in.

He doesn't brag, ever, but I brag about him constantly.

And firefighting is more than busting through flaming buildings, which D has done. He's the guy in the middle in this picture. It's also going to wrecks, going to medical calls (unconcious/seizures/falls) and going to training classes.

D has his Basic EMT course from South Alabama, he has 8 certifications from the Alabama Fire College, 10 years experience, and compassion and a heart of gold.

I *hate* that our country went through what it did. I do firmly believe that if we as a country had not deviated so far from God's plan, that He would have much better for His people. I know that everything happens for a reason, and that nothing can change what has already happened. But I do feel that we should always lift up our country, and it's leaders (yes, and President Obama) up in prayer. There is no reason to bash names or criticize. Let's come together as fellow citizens, and remember to pray for our country!

My fireman is the last one on the right in the back!!! I am very proud of him, and I pray for his protection at every call. And that God will use him to help others, for His glory!

September 11.

Never Forgotten.

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  1. Amen! May the Lord bless and keep your husband as he sacrifices for the welfare of others....