Monday, September 20, 2010

Well, well, well....

I had come up with all of these fun post ideas and all of these fun design ideas, and all of a sudden, I have come to a stop.

It turns out, when I tried to make my blog a "job" I no longer enjoyed it as much.

When worrying about what to post next, what to do next, what pictures to use next, that's just it, I was worrying.

So, now I will just go back to being myself, with the occasional funny, meal, thankfulness, worship, and so forth that I always had.

My list of public "followers" had not grown a bit, and I was feeling stressed out all of the time over this silly thing. I know people read it and do not publicly "follow" my blog, but paying sponsors would not know that!!!

Anyway, I do apologize, but it's back to plain ole me!!!



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