Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall brings...

...the fair, the football, the friends, and the family!!!

This is Noah's very first fair ride!
He was so excited!
This is not his first time on one of these though!

First "rollercoaster!" Even though it's small, it's a roller coaster!

He spent the entire ride (both times) with his hands in the air yelling, "Oh boy!!!" He is pictured here with my niece.

Me and my brother-n-law enjoying the Cliff Hanger! He is 6'5 and almost too big!!!
And we went and watched the pig races, and I received the honor of #1 Pig Rooter!! haha.
This football season has been extra exciting too!
D and I kicked off the season right, by being with 101,000 of our closest friends!

Next is my second hubby! Just kidding!!! haha.

He must be a good coach...winning national titles at two schools and all, and having the first hiesman at Bama....I'm just saying.
Warming up....during the game, I am way too busy to take pictures!
And my football star himself!

And the rest of the seasons, we spend Saturdays around here, doing what we do best, with those we love best!

Roll Tide!

Noah usually has a couple of friends to entertain in between touchdowns as well. See the shark he won at the fair. He also won a goldfish, but I failed to get his picture, and I'm too far into this to go do it now!

And last but not least, one of my favorite things about fall is that my in-laws usually come down from their other home to help celebrate my hubby and son's birthdays! Both are in October...sheesh!

That's fair, football, friends, and family!

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