Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party Hardy!!!

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, my son requested a new pet!!! I explained to him that he already has a dog, and fish, and that he may not be able to care for any other pets at this time. Well, lo and behold, my darling husband brings home a pet for him on his birthday!!!
Meet Julio Dareus Givens
(yes named for Julio Jones and Marcell Dareus!!! RTR!)
Does anyone have, or has anyone had rabbits who could tell me if they need vet services/shots/meds? We still haven't built his pen yet either....any advice? Poor JD lives in a dog carrier (well, mainly in our laps/hands) for the time being!!!
Anyway, Noah's next request was to go to Ci-Ci's for supper on his 6th birthday, so since we had a coupon, we took off. This day was probably like a dream to him!

See the crown his teacher made him at school? Wasn't that sweet of her?!

Then, we woke up Saturday morning ready for a party!
See, he waits very proper and patiently!
He then puts on his camo shirt, and is ready!!!

A real hunting party!!!
Oh yeah, and all of the brown icing on the cake is chocolate, not just brown regular icing!!! Indeed, it was delicious!

And the main event that we kept a secret from Noah, the jumpy things!!!
A couple at our church, (Noah was in their wedding!), recently got these, and they are going to start renting them! They gave us a very very good deal!

Noah did this all day!

And, after many of our guests left, MaMa couldn't hold back anymore either!!!
And we even talked these two "older" kids into joining us!!!

If you don't hear any more from me, it's because my parents have come and taken my computer away!!! hehehe.

All in all, I'd say my little man had a great day. We had friends, family, cake, presents, fun, and blessings.

Happy 6th Birthday Mr. Noah Bryant!

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  1. Looks like he really enjoyed himself! I hope he had a wonderful birthday! I LOVE the blow-up things! They are so much fun!