Friday, October 29, 2010

The special of the day...

Yes, I am doing my best to teach him how to cook, because I am afraid that when he gets married, the poor girl won't know how to cook, and I want him to eat!!!

Really, he begs me to let him help. He keeps wanting to wear the apron my niece made me, but I just can't let him; it's too girly, and I don't want him confused, so maybe I can get her to make him an apron out of camo, that can be used outside in the garden, and in the shed?!?!? We have a Bama one, but I'm sure his daddy doesn't want it removed from the "room!" I've done a couple of pictures on here of it, but I should really do a post soon on our Bama room!!!

Anyway, I just thought he was such a doll browning that meat, that I just had to share it on here!!!

And oh yeah, supper was delicious!

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