Monday, January 11, 2010

My neice and my apron

This is my niece, Felicity-age 11, and myself.
She is Aunt T's booga-wooga!
She is also in Girl Scouts, where they one day made a full apron, from a pattern, to learn how to sew. She gave it to my mom.
Well, if you know me, I insist on wearing an apron every time I am in the kitchen. I have 2 full aprons, one with rooster print.
I have been wanting a little half apron for some time,
and I, unfortunately, and embarrassingly do not know how to sew.
Not even a button.
My mom has made quilts, clothes, even a wedding dress and prom dress,
and she is going to teach me, but I never wanted to know until now.
Anyway, we (my niece, my mother, and myself) were at a yard sale that my dad's church was having, and I found this cute sunflower printed material,
and I turned to my niece and said, "Boo, do you think you could make Aunt T a half-apron out of this? Maybe with pockets if it's enough material?"
She said, "Oh, of course, what do you want the apron strings to look like?"
So we found this cute little stuff, poor me, I don't know what it's called, lace trim maybe? Anyway, we also tried to find extra material that would match for pockets, but no luck.
Well, that was months ago, and kinda in the back of my mind.
This past weekend, Boo stayed with my mom, and my dad went hunting all day Saturday. Sunday afternoon, my mom came by with some stuff for me,
and to my surprise pulled out a darling little half apron,
made entirely by Miss. Felicity Michelle!
Her first half-apron ever.
The camera doesn't show the details, but she even put in little pleats and everything!
This is the back.
There wasn't enough material for pockets, but I am going to maybe try to find a solid color or something. Any ideas?
And below is a picture that my wonderful little man took of me,
his 3rd try.
First he got only my feet, and we couldn't stop laughing for 30 minutes.
Anyway, I no longer have a forehead or eyes, but you can see the apron.

Thanks Miss Priss!!!

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  1. Love the apron! You know I have a thing for them ya know! Great job Felicity!