Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Funnies!

1. So, last week, we were in Jackson, MS with my father-n-law in the hospital. While there, we did our best to entertain my son, and our two nephews. One day, while the nephews were at school, and we were visiting Poppy, I thought Noah and I might need a break, so we walked down to the gift shop. Noah went straight for the candy. It went like this:

Noah: Mom, can I have some candy please?
Me: Sure, you can have one thing.
Noah: I better get MeMe something too.
Me: That's a good idea.
Noah: And I want to get Aunt Gina something too.
Me: O.K., one thing. Aunt Gina doesn't eat much candy.
Noah: I'm gonna get Daddy this one.
Me: O.K. , ready to go?
Noah: You see something you might like, Mom?

2. Later on, when we were home, and the three boys were playing together with Derrick, Noah had a good question for him. See, Derrick's niece and nephews call him "Bubba" simply because Derrick was a young uncle and didn't really care about being called uncle. Unlike me who has been Aunt T for 11 years now! Anyway, the boys were playing, and of course the nephews kept calling Derrick "Bubba." Noah had the question of the day:

Noah: Is your name Daddy or Bubba?

3. Since we have been home, I have had to play a lot of catch-up. Laundry and cleaning was a day long process Wednesday. Noah helped me a whole bunch getting unpacked, and keeping everything pretty straightened up. Yesterday we had a day long shopping trip at the local mall trying to get a few birthday presents, and a few other things that I had been wanting to look at. While there, I popped in Dollar Tree, and they were apparently doing inventory. People where everywhere counting items, and the store was kind of crowded and a little messy. Here's Noah:

Noah: Mom, we need to clean this place up!

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